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Author: Christoph Stoettner
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The annual conference of DNUG took place in Constance from 22nd to 23rd of June 2022.

I attended the HCL Connections Roadmap session given by Rene Schimmer and David Strachan. They showed the updates for version 8 and beyond.

Talking about version 8. HCL Connections will get named after evergreen trees from version 8.

New naming scheme for Connections - ©HCL Software

So next HCL Connections release is Cedar. For this version a public preview is available, when you are not already registered, have a look at following urls.

Connections 8 Preview - ©HCL Software

There were several sessions on HCL Connections, but one I will long remember:

Einmal in “schön” bitte: Wie wir die KOSMOS beim Umbau der HCL Connections Communities unterstützt haben

Sandra Buehler and Olaf Braun did a very entertaining session and talked about their project to bring Connections within KOSMOS to a new level. The project should ensure that a selected number of communities meet current user requirements, both in terms of content and layout.

I did a session on open-source tools I use on a regular basis. They can help to administrate, document or troubleshoot a Connections environment, but can also be used for most web applications.

Session slides HCL Connections Admin Toolbox and as a list , if you only want to see the tools.

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I created a git repository with some smaller CSS files to fix some annoyances within HCL Connections.

I started with this to prevent Orient Me to load fonts from external URLs or Elasticsearch Metrics to break the UI on larger screens. These issues are solved after the last updates I got from support, but Blogs and Tailored Experience Wizard can be improved with some simple rules.

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Yesterday I updated a Connections environment to the latest CFix. In other environments I found that PushNotification Cluster was not started after the update, like described in the knowledge base document PushNotification broken after upgrading to CFix.65CR1.2201 . In this update the application and cluster were running, but not working at all. Browser console.log showed the error:

Error connecting to push auth sync service /servic/info: RequestError: Unable to load https://cnx-fqdn/push/service/info status: 500
Last Update:
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HCL Support published a collection of links to MustGather informations for Connections and addons. That’s the perfect starting point to start troubleshooting and collecting logs for your support cases. Collecting Data: Repository of MustGather for Connections
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