IBM ConnectED 2015 – Session “Best and Worst Practices in deploying IBM Connections”

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Author: Christoph Stoettner
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Fountain pen and a notebook

Photo by Aaron Burden | Unsplash

Today IBM announced the session agenda for IBM ConnectED 2015 .

I’m really interested in the new concept of more technical content and hope that all attendees will enjoy the format of the smaller designed event.

My session “BP203: Best And Worst Practices in Deploying IBM Connections” is accepted and i’m proud and happy to go to Orlando in january 2015 again.

If you haven’t already registered, follow this link .

Here some points of my planned agenda for this session:

Depending on deployment size, operating system and security considerations you have different options to configure IBM Connections.

This session will show worst practices examples from multiple customer deployments of IBM Connections. I will describe things I found and how you can optimize your systems.

Main topics include:

  • Do’s and Don’ts during IBM Connections deployments

  • simple (documented) tasks that should be applied

  • missing documentation

  • automated user synchronization, TDI solutions and user synchronization

  • performance tuning

  • security optimizing and planning

  • Single Sign On for mail, IBM Sametime and SPNEGO.


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Aaron Burden: Fountain pen and a notebook

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Aaron Burden: Fountain pen and a notebook

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