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Fountain pen and a notebook

Photo by Aaron Burden | Unsplash

Today I attended Froscon 13 in St. Augustin. Froscon is one or the biggest event around Opensource in Germany. Thanks again to organizers sponsors of this awesome event, it was a pleisure to be here and have the chance to give a talk.

The slides for my session “Documentation with any editor” can be found at .

If you’re interested and missed the talk, there is a video recording at available.

Documentation with any editor

Example files linked from session slides are stored in this Gitlab Repostitory , here you find the used build.gradle, Makefile and CI/CD configuration I normally use.

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Aaron Burden: Fountain pen and a notebook

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Since thursday the gpn19 (Gulasch Programmiernacht) is taking place in Karlsruhe at ZKM. I’m happy that I got the chance to give two talks:

Documentation with any editor Automate your Infrastructure Deployment
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Last week I attended FrOSCon[], a yearly conference about Free and Open-Source software, organized by the computer science department of the University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg.

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Aaron Burden: Fountain pen and a notebook

Since the IBM Connect pages does not show all presentation, I uploaded mine to slideshare.

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