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Fountain pen and a notebook

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It was little bit quiet here after Connect 2014. I had lots of projects and no time to add new scripts or even do bug fixing.

I promised at Connect, that i will fix the JDBC drivers, that they will load on Windows too. See as an example.

Loading JDBC Drivers within jython scripts

Jan Riedel sent me a solution for SLES and i tested his proposal today within Windows. He points me in the right direction, i mustn’t load the path or jar within the script, it is better to load on starting wsadmin. You have to add the JDBC Driver path to WAS_EXT_DIRS.

I see two ways here:

Change|bat (Update)

I don’t like to change setupCmdLine directly, because i don’t want to load the driver everytime i start wsadmin or WebSphere, but you can add your JDBC path to the line

set WAS_EXT_DIRS=….;c:(Windows)

export WAS_EXT_DIRS=….:/opt/IBM/JDBC (Linux)

Please do not change your setupCmdLine in this way. I had errors on using Connections updateInstaller, when i use it! Use WAS_USER_SCRIPT!


I create a batch|shell script with following content.

Create the script in $WAS_HOME/profiles/Dmgr01/bin and make it executable.



Create batch in %WAS_HOME%01


Now it is enough to set the environment variable WAS_USER_SCRIPT, then the jdbc driver will be loaded on wsadmin start. So when you want to load or one of the scripts using JDBC (, simply set the WAS_USER_SCRIPT variable in your operating system, terminal or console.

export WAS_USER_SCRIPT=/opt/IBM/.../


set WAS_USER_SCRIPT=C:\....\wasuserscript.bat

Thanks to Victor Toal for your script testing and bug reporting!

New scripts

I added some scripts for special j2ee roles to the github repository :





These scripts set consistent the roles mentioned in the file name. So you can enable or disable Socialmail integration, Metrics or Moderation.

Next weeks, next events

Next events i will attend are: Engage in Breda , BCCON in Hamburg and Social Connections VI in Prag.

At Engage i will speak with my friend Sharon Bellamy about Scripting .

At BCCON i will be with my swiss friend and scripting colleague Klaus Bild , we will do the Script show in german .

I plan a session for SocCon VI too, hope i will get a slot there.

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