Eclipse As A Jython IDE

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Author: Christoph Stoettner
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Fountain pen and a notebook

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I added several plugins to my Eclipse, so i can access the scripts on GitHub and edit through an IDE:

Jython and Python Development


Markdown (Documentation within Github)


Access GitHub:


Shellscript Editor



SQL Scripts

SQL Explorer:

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Aaron Burden: Fountain pen and a notebook
As preparation for Social Connections VI in Prague next week i redesigned the Administration Scripts for IBM Websphere . Some highlights: all scripts are moved to a subfolder with DMGR/bin (folder name: ibmcnx) tested in multinode environments added some classes everybody can use for his own scripts adding policies to libraries (personal and communities) are using search now New scripts: documentation of all jvm settings of each application server create a file with all documentation in one step create cluster members for additional nodes Sharon created a document with the content of all of our presentations and collected several tipps all around connections and community scripts.
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Aaron Burden: Fountain pen and a notebook
It was little bit quiet here after Connect 2014. I had lots of projects and no time to add new scripts or even do bug fixing. I promised at Connect, that i will fix the JDBC drivers, that they will load on Windows too. See as an example. Loading JDBC Drivers within jython scripts Jan Riedel sent me a solution for SLES and i tested his proposal today within Windows. He points me in the right direction, i mustn’t load the path or jar within the script, it is better to load on starting wsadmin. You have to add the JDBC Driver path to WAS_EXT_DIRS.
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Aaron Burden: Fountain pen and a notebook
The IBM Connections Product Documentation is only available as a set of Wiki Documents and in a accessible version (5 single html documents) . I don’t like both versions. Searching is hard and printing only single documents (to paper or pdf) is a torture. The format is only for a complete display, no mobile version and using only half of a display do not wrap the text. So i want to have a converted document which is searchable, has numbered headlines and can be converted to mobi or kindle format. You want this too? How? Requirements Linux VM (e.g. Knoppix or other Live Linux)
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