Missing Administration Tab in IBM Connections CR1

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Author: Christoph Stoettner
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Today i installed Kudos at a customer site. As always i come to the point to add the Leaderboard Widget to Connections Homepage, so i mapped my user in ISC – Applications – Homepage – Map User roles to the Admin Role. The existing entry for wasadmin (a non ldap user) was still present after adding my account.

I logged in to Connections Homepage, but Administration Tab was missing. When i call the Administration Link https://connections.customersite.com/homepage/admin/openAdminPage.action i get a not authorized message. Restarting homepage didn’t solve the issue.

After some tests i removed the local wasuser from admin role and logged in again. And voilà i got a administration tab. Don’t know why this happened, i’m sure that i have other installations where i get a administration tab with a local user. I will investigate this the next days.

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