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Author: Christoph Stoettner
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Last week a new blog editor for offline blogging has announced IBM Connections blogs support.

Blogsy is a nice tool and costs about 4€ in apple app store.

My first tests are not very good, because Blogsy 3.3 has problems with multiple Blogs in IBM Connections. Only one day later, after some comments in Blogsy Blog, a new version can be downloaded from Appstore. Blogsy 3.3.1 can handle multiple Connections blogs, but the App crashes right after uploading a new post. I hope they will make a updated version soon.

I enjoy offline blog editors very much, because i can prepare articles on train and upload them later after i found a free WLAN. This is my first non-test post with Blogsy. Integration is very good and you have quick access to web content, Youtube and Flickr.


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