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You can use policy setting document “Mail settings” to deploy a standard message disclaimer for your users.

First you have to configure your domino server which makes the smtp conversion of internet mails. For this server open the “configuration document” and check if “Message disclaimers” is enabled.

2011 02 28 12281

Now we need a policy for all traveler users, or if you want to deploy personalized signatures, for each traveler user.

I created a dynamic policy (explicit policy document and set of group/user in “policy assignment”) for my traveler user and made a mail setting document for the disclaimer:

2011 02 28 1227 1

“Notes client can add disclaimer” to disabled: So the server will append/prepend the disclaimer text. This is important, because the traveler client don’t act as a notes client, so it is the only way to deploy a disclaimer text with domino tools on traveler.

Append will set your disclaimer text to top of your mail, and prepend on the bottom.

Mail and Traveler settings are applied to mail files on the server by the Administration Process every 12 hours by default. Adminp can be triggered on the server console: “tell adminp process mailpolicy” or “tell adminp process traveler”.

Or you change the notes.ini value ADMINP_POLL_INTERVALL=(time in minutes), that adminp process these settings more often.

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