Gulasch Programmiernacht 2019 - #gpn19

Since thursday the gpn19 (Gulasch Programmiernacht) is taking place in Karlsruhe at ZKM. I’m happy that I got the chance to give two talks: Documentation with any editor Automate your Infrastructure Deployment All sessions of GPN will be recorded and are available at There was a technical problem during my first talk, so the recording can’t be found there. Sorry for that. All code snippets I showed during that talks can be found here: If you’re around, or living in that area, join us there.

A lot of people don’t like to store credentials in mobile apps or browsers. A good workaround is the usage of OAuth 2.0 tokens, but the application needs to support it and the server you’re talking to too. The IBM Connections Mobile App can use it for authentication. OAauth2 can be used directly with WebSphere Application Server and Connections 6.0. There are no special OAuth servers or applications needed! The Documentation at IBM was a little bit confusing for me, there are lots of sidenotes, but you just need to do following steps, to use OAuth 2.

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Last week I attended Social Connections 14 in Berlin, the event location had a great view and weather was great. I had the chance to do a session on "Kubernetes Basics for IBM Connections Admins". The session slides are attached on that post and there will be a video recording available some day at Kubernetes Basics for IBM Connections Admins On each event all attendees do a group picture, thanks to Hogne (Elfworld): The event was well organized (as always) of the awesome team Wannes, Maria, Simon, Nico, Martin and Jan.

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New Blog Engine

I switched my blog to Hugo the last days. After nearly 12 years with WordPress, I needed something new. Why did I drop WordPress, one of the most used blog engines in the world? Most used means always most interesting for bad guys. Dynamic pages are slower and can contain more vulnerabilities than static pages (which Hugo generates). Hugo supports git, so I have version control in my posts and design. I can start a small web server locally and test the posts: hugo server -D and the most convenient thing: I can use VIM for editing. VIM is THE editor for me, I tried using it with vim-anywhere with my browsers, but it’s still not the same.

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