Since version 3.0 bookmarks (dogear) module of Connections can be configured to open bookmarks in a new window, but the configuration does not include bookmarks in the Community module. To get this function consistent and it would be good, when IBM adds the dogear configure switch to communities too. Until this, you can follow this: Go to [AppServer-Root]/profiles/[Communities-WAS]/installedApps/[cellname]/Communities.ear/comm.web.war/WEB-INF/tags Edit displaybookmark.tag and change following line: <a id="b_uri_${bookmark.uuid}" href="<tango:safeURL>${bookmark.uri}"> to <div id="b_entry_${bookmark.uuid}"> <h4> <a target="_blank" id="b_uri_${bookmark.uuid}" href="<tango:safeURL>${bookmark.uri}> </a> </h4> </div> To recompile the jsps and activate this changes, edit and save the bookmarks.

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