Social Connections 12 in Vienna

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This time Social Connections is hosted in Vienna. The austrian capital is a great place to meet new and old friends. I love the city and the awesome dialect, to listen and practise a little bit, start with the lovely video about the only word you really need to survive in Vienna.

The next two days are packed with informations about IBM Connections and I hope to get in touch with the developer team of Pink to see the next planned features. The agenda promises a good mix for all people interested in IBM Connections, developers, administrators and adoption experts can attend and discuss with speakers, IBM developers, product managers and IBM Business partners.

My sessions

I will do one session with my colleague and mate Nico Meisenzahl about “IBM Connections Admin Blast”. The updated session was born for IBM Connect in February this year and will guide you through around 55 different tips and tasks you should be aware during deploying and administrating IBM Connections and the available addons like Forms/Surveys,Docs and CCM. The session takes place on monday 11:20-12:20 in Breakout 2 (lunch will start around 12:30, so we will take the chance and show all slides without jumping over the last ones and let you have food in time).

My other session is a little bit shorter and is completly new. “Automate IBM Connections deployments” on tuesday 9:40-10:10 in Breakout 1. Klaus Bild an I showed some scripts to do the same during Social Connections 7 in Stockholm, but for me these were complicated and updating requirements and new packages were a lot of work. The last months I worked with Ansible, which is a perfect match to do automated installations and configurations. Ansible needs just a ssh connection to the servers you want to configure, no special software clients are needed. Agentless on Linux and with the option to do the same with remote powershell on Microsoft Windows.


All important tasks are already built in and so you can install software through the tools of the used Linux (apt, dnf, yum…), change security settings, edit ulimits or service configurtions. Installing all Connections prerequisists (Installation Manager, Websphere Application Server, DB2, IBM Httpserver, TDI and all needed os packages) need about 20 minutes on 4 minimal installed Centos VMs on my Notebook. So you can directly start creating databases, update peopledb and finish the last tasks on Websphere.

I think adding more scripts does only need a lot of time during scripting and will need a lot of customization from environment to environment.

Working with Ansible is fun and not really complicated. Ansible has extensions for container management and the Orientme installer is based on it too. So every admin and developer should have a look at it.