Apple push notification certificates expire on 4th of July 2024

Author: Christoph Stoettner
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Last week I checked some HCL Connections 8 CRx downloads in Flexnet and recognized these packages available since 2024-06-13:

Screenshot of packages available in Flexnet

APNS (Apple Push Notification Service) certificates renewal for 2025, sounds normal, these updates need to be installed each year. First, I checked for the knowledge base document mentioned in the file name . It’s not published until now.

So I downloaded the package and extracted the content. The included certificates are valid from

2025 Certificates

You see the certificates are valid from 2024-04-25 to 2025-05-25, so they start and end in the middle of the year. So I got a bit nervous and extracted the certificates of my fresh installed HCL Connections 8.0CR6.

The certificates deployed with CR6 are valid until 2024-07-04, so less than two weeks left to update the system, or Apple push notifications stop working.

2024 Certificates

My opened case to ask for details and to publish the missing knowledge base article is pending since Thursday, so I decided to write the blog post. Install the update, or your push notifications stop working on the 4th of July. The filename or description “APNS renewals for 2025” is misleading, asked to give this a more appropriate description.

The update is available for 8.0CR5 and 8.0CR6.

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