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Author: Christoph Stoettner
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When I test topics with the different Connections editors (CKEditor, and TinyMCE), I always used multiple users in my test environment, installed the editor selector ear and then gave each of the test users a different editor. That’s easy with the different j2ee roles, but I always had to use multiple browsers or sandboxes to see them next to each other.

Selection with URL parameter without changing the user

During a support call with Tiny and HCL I learned, that you can switch the editor with a URL parameter. So no need to change the configuration or use the tinyeditorselector.ear.

Add the following snippet (case-sensitive!) to the URL you want to call:






When there is already an option added to the URL, just add this snippet and replace ? with &


Open a blog post: this will open the blogs overview, now select New Entry and you are redirected to

In my case this opens the TinyMCE editor as the default:

So now lets change the URL to:

and the same page with is loaded.

And finally change the URL to:

and CKEditor loads and can be used.

So a perfect way to fast change to a different editor, do some tests and screenshots and then go back to your default.

Be aware that some Connections URLs use a #, then you need the additional URL parameter before the # sign!

Wiki Example!/wiki/W269d1b93c705_4ebe_9986_1964c6dd6bfa/page/Welcome%20to%20Testing%20Metrics/edit here use!/wiki/W269d1b93c705_4ebe_9986_1964c6dd6bfa/page/Welcome%20to%20Testing%20Metrics/edit

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