Update on the Touchpoint workaround (Updated)

by Christoph Stoettner
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Some weeks ago I wrote about an workaround to prevent TDI from deleting the touchpoint status in HCL Connections .

During some research on TDI I found Mapping fields manually in the HCL Connections documentations. This document describes how to add additional fields to the TDI synchronisation. On point 11 I found something new for me. You can add additional fields and then add the content with an Javascript function for example.

Then TDI does not make an LDAP call to get the attribute from there, instead it uses the function. So an additional workaround for the Touchpoint state problem is to add the five fields defined in conf/LotusConnections-conf/tdi-profiles-config.xml to map_dbrepos_from_source.properties and set it to null. Setting attributes to null does not delete the content in the database, but just does nothing (no update, no creation).

Example: add this to the end of your map_dbrepos_from_source.properties


That’s way easier than commenting out the field definitions and if you ever need to set the fields, you can just add the attribute or function to map_dbrepos_from_source.properties.

Update 10.05.2021

I’m really sorry, but this workaround seems not to work as expected.

So the best way, that the touchpointState is not overwritten on each TDI run is to comment out the fields in tdisol/conf/LotusConnections-config/profiles-types.xml and tdisol/conf/LotusConnections-config/TDI-LotusConnections-config.xml!

Tested with the latest 7.0 fix

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Aaron Burden: Fountain pen and a notebook

HCL included some additional apps with HCL Connections 6.5CR1. One of them is Touchpoint, which can be used to present users the “Terms and Conditions” (or Privacy and Guidelines) of the environment and some help creating their profile, network and become member of their first communities.

Touchpoint writes some profile extension entries in the PEOPLEDB database in the table PROFILE_EXTENSIONS, most important:

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I wrote about font loading from external CDN in the post Hiding The Create Community Button 2nd last year and hoped this is finally fixed for all Connections applications. A good summary on the reasons to not allow external font loading is Blocking Web Fonts for Speed and Privacy .

So I checked with a Connections 7 deployment with the latest CFix (CFix.70.2112) deployed, if this is still an issue with Connections.

In former Connections' versions we found external fonts loaded in Orient Me (/social), Communities Catalog (/communities) and the Admin panel (/cnxadmin/).

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Some time ago I got the tip from HCL Support, that the Create Community button will recognize the role community-creator only when the gatekeeper option CATALOG_CARD_UPDATED is set to false.

This is working, but I had to complain, that this option activates some code, which loads fonts from a CDN instead of the local Connections deployment.

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