Linkdump Week 44 / 2020

by Christoph Stoettner
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Last week I didn’t find very useful links to read or articles to share. This week I read more books, so a recommendation for a book this week and two articles with awk basics.[The Kubernetes Workshop   icon:external-link[], window=_blank]:: Still preparing for CKA, so I read a lot around Kubernetes. This book is brand new and the first chapters are already useful. I think it’s more detailled than the books I read about Kubernetes before.[Bug Bytes #94 - Breaking Symfony apps, Why Cyber Security is so hard to learn & how best to approach it - Intigriti   icon:external-link[], window=_blank]:: Again a great collection of things worth reading all around bug bounty and pentesting.[Derbycon - The Unintended Risks of Trusting Active Directory   icon:external-link[], window=_blank]:: This time a video, I haven’t watched it completly until now, but I scrolled through the slide deck and think it is worth watching.[awk : END { …   icon:external-link[], window=_blank]:: If you’ve already read my first post about awk, thanks for reading this one too! If not, that’s probably a better place to start.[awk : BEGIN { …   icon:external-link[], window=_blank]:: The other day, I was watching Bryan Cantrill’s 2018 talk, Rust, and Other Interesting Things, and he made an offhanded comment while discussing values of different programming languages and communities. He said, “If you get the awk programming language manual…you’ll read it in about two hours and then you’re done. That’s it. You know all of awk.”

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Suggested Reading
Card image cap[VimWiki – Working with Vim –   icon:external-link[], window=_blank]:: I switched for daily notes and diary entries to Vimwiki. I like the fast access and combine it with gollum to display in the browser. In the article you find shortcuts and tipps for working with the todo function.

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Another week is over, for a quite busy one. I’m still working on automating HCL Connections installation and think about creating pytests for these deployments. So here is the this weeks mix of my bookmarks, tools I used and articles I found interesting.[BASH errorhandling - wizard zines   icon:external-link[], window=_blank]:: Good intro on Bash errorhandling from Julia Evans

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It is Linkdump time again. I fixed some things during the week, so my[Shaarli instance] can use the API now. I do a lot of research and reading on mobile devices (tablet and phone). Now I can share important articles through[Stakali] , add short notes and do followups on my other devices (tablet, computer). To automate the linkdump posts, I created a short[Python script to collect my saved bookmarks] (marked with the tag linkdump) and create an asccidoc document for my hugo instance. So I can do a quick review and post it.

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