First install of HCL Connections 6.5

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Author: Christoph Stoettner
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Fountain pen and a notebook

Photo by Aaron Burden | Unsplash

I used the last day before holiday for a first installation of HCL Connections 6.5 on a test system.

Wizards creates all databases for the core Connections products.

db create

I found a folder icec in Wizards/connections.sql, but tried the installation of Connections without it first.

I could remember, that the installation of Connections 6.0 CR4 or CR5 didn’t run successfully, when the XCC/ICEC database was missing.

I reviewed the documentation about the database creation, but there was no entry that we need to create the XCC/ICEC database manually.

Update: Documentation contains note now, that you have to create ICEC database manually asked for the configuration properties of databases and LDAP.

ldap admin

On this screen a click on Next does nothing in the GUI. I ran the wizard from the console, so I found following message there:

ldap check

So the Wizard checks the LDAP vendor here, I use OpenLDAP in the test environment, so I’m not surprised that the vendor is not recognized, but I would expect a more visible error message in the UI.

Create profiles manually

I went to Wizards/TDIPopulation/linux/TDI/ and configured and Double checked with if the LDAP connection works and fired up All users were provisioned and I could went to the next step of the installation. most important parts


  • TDI encrypts/hashes your password, so just use the cleartext password on the first run

  • Database connection string


Installing Connections with the Installation Manager validates the databases:

db validation

You see here the XCC database is checked and when I tried to validate it, I got the error that the Highlights database is missing.

Create ICEC Highlights database

The database creation scripts are included in the Wizards package, but we need to start them manually.

cd Wizards
cd Wizards/connections.sql/icec/db2
db2 -tvf createDb.sql
db2 -tvf appGrants.sql

Now the validation runs through and I could start the installation.

I exported the databases scripts with, but even there the script is not called.

As always the real installation ran around half an hour and ends with

cnx finished

Sidebar, Touchpoint, Invite

Like HCL promised the last weeks, all announced apps (Touchpoint, Sidebar, Invite and ICEC) were installed with Connections 6.5 and no additional download or install was necessary.

cnx65 newapps

Until now I just tested the legacy WebSphere parts, I will do the Orient Me and Kubernetes parts in some days.

Invite with new Layout

I like the new layout of invite:


Social Sidebar

The social sidebar seems to need some configuration, so I will check the documentation next year.


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