Enable Preview for source files like html or css with IBM Docs Viewer

by Christoph Stoettner
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IBM Docs Viewer can open source files with syntax highlighting. This feature is default disabled, but sometimes very useful.

You need to enable it with IBM Connections Gatekeeper.

Open Gatekeeper with https://your-connections-fqhn/connections/config

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Now search for FILEVIEWER_PREVIEW_TEXT and change the value to True.

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Now when you open an html (or other text file) from IBM Connections Files it will open a preview and after a short flickering of the document the source is highlighted.

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Without that setting you just see a message like “no preview available for this” and a download option:

editor image 35e7e787 8610 4943 8f5a 3cda24133efc

Gatekeeper settings can be set in real-time, so no restart of Connections is needed to enable or disable this feature. I tested the preview with html, js and css, but I think nearly everything with mime-type text is possible.

Update 2018-06-15

You need the admin role of the Common Application to access the gatekeeper!

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