Embed uploaded videos to IBM Connections blog post or wiki page

by Christoph Stoettner
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Here for example embedding a video to a blog post. Prerequist is that you’ve no fear to change some html source.

  • Upload the video to the Files application in Connections
    • All blog readers need to have access to the video file
    • Easiest way is to upload to Community files and use it in the Community blog directly in this community
  • Open the file within IBM Connections Docs Viewer and click on ABOUT – Get Links

    screen 20180205 093813 001

  • Copy the “Link to download file:” to the clipboard

    screen 20180205 093721 001

  • Now create a new blog post (add heading, tags, additional text)
  • Switch to the HTML view in the post

    screen 20180205 094029 001

  • On the position where you want to add the video, add following source:
<video src="url from files viewer" controls="" width="640px"></video>
  • Example:
<video src="https://connections.example.com/files/form/anonymous/api/library/6722626c-b14c-4f4e-80fc-f27f71ad2cb9/document/512adfd2-1d30-4a3d-92ee-13db1f5f0574/media/2018-01-22%20Call%20February%202016.mp4" controls="" width="640px" height="480px"></video>
  • Post the document

    screen 20180205 094713 001


Thanks to Urs for the comment, I updated the code so it is valid XHTML now.

Edited on 22.02.2022
Wednesday, 9. Feb 2022 10:27

Hi Stoeps

At least in Connections 7 the video tag should be changed from <video src="url from files viewer" controls width="640px"></video> to <video src=“url from files viewer” controls="" width=“640px”></video>

Otherwise you’ll get the nasty “Please ensure the page source is valid XHTML. Switching to rich text mode from source mode will convert HTML to XHTML” error…

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