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Fountain pen and a notebook

Photo by Aaron Burden | Unsplash

This week i attended the Admincamp in Gelsenkirchen. It was a awesome event, where i met lots of friends and other cool people.

I made two sessions, you can find the session slides here, in this special case in german.

  1. Security and Administration of IBM Connections

  2. Save the mice – Scripting in WebSphere, Connections and DB2 (Online Version)

I have extended and translated the session slides from ICONUK.

You can download this Slides as ZIP :

  • index.html is ICONUK Version

  • index-ac.html is german AdminCamp Version

Here some of my impressions:

Oping session with Rudi Knegt

wpid Photo 26.09.2013 2106

Very interesting, but sometimes hard to understand was the second


Rudi live on stage and speaking in *rudisch *about geographic things of the Netherlands and flying dutchmen. Ulrich promised he has a video, i will link it here, when i have found it.

Resume: i enjoyed it very much and i’ll come back next year.


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Aaron Burden: Fountain pen and a notebook

This week starts with Admincamp in Gelsenkirchen. Thanks Rudi Knegt and team for this awesome event! The conference or lets name it camp was real fun. In the end I did three sessions and a workshop. You can find download links to all slides and used files in this article or on . I learned and heared a lot of interesting stuff around IBM Notes, IBM Connections and Sametime. You can get most of the session slides through the Admincamp agenda .

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Aaron Burden: Fountain pen and a notebook

Since the IBM Connect pages does not show all presentation, I uploaded mine to slideshare.

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Aaron Burden: Fountain pen and a notebook
Last week i was at ConnectED 2015 in Orlando. I enjoyed the event very much, mainly because i met great old and new friends. The Lotus community is one of the best i’ve ever met, or i ever was part of. After coming home i found out that i have a flu and the headache and need of sleep is not age dependent. So the visits to kimonos and dolphin bar are a little bit shorter than last year, but i enjoyed them nevertheless. I did a session during ConnectED 2015, see the last version of slides here: Today i read in Anderl Artners Blog , that he provides some Assembly Lines for TDI/SDI , which can help you with SPNEGO and mailintegration.
Last Update:
Read in about 1 min