Connections Plugins 4.5 for IBM Notes 9 are available

by Christoph Stoettner
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Fountain pen and a notebook

Photo by Aaron Burden | Unsplash

You can download the Plugins in greenhouse catalog .

Connections Plugins 4.0 are not compatible with IBM Notes 9 Gold. It worked with the beta editions, but not with stable.

Direct Link

More Infos at Luis Benitez Blog .

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Aaron Burden: Fountain pen and a notebook

During the week we integrated IBM Connections and IBM Docs in our test environment and everything worked fine. Then we moved the configuration to production and most of the stuff was working, like showing Business cards, profile pictures and Connections files to add into mails. Docs Viewer and uploading files from a mail to Connections generated an error: “because of an internal server error”

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Aaron Burden: Fountain pen and a notebook
Luis Benitez announced an update for the mobile applications of IBM Connections. Function is looking great. You can now view, approve and reject CCM Files with your mobile device. Screenshot from Socialize Me Read more:   
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Aaron Burden: Fountain pen and a notebook
IBM sent me a mail today, their logs show that i downloaded CR3 and they want to tell me, that i need one fix more, when i use Notes 9 Social Edition. I was really surprised and impressed. Here the download link for LO74465 .
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