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Last week i want to build a “light” Connections Installation to test some things like OAuth and Customizing. So i installed Domino 9 Beta on Ubuntu 12.04 64 Bit, DB2 9.5.7 Express and WebSphere. I deployed the homepage and the profiles databases. After this i want to install the required applications of Connections (Homepage, Search and News) and Profiles.

Installation shows no more dependencies and i started up my Connections after install. Modules are looking good, but when i want to add a status update the windows opens, but show no buttons to Save the Status. Even on homepage or people views i can’t add status updates.

I had a look on a full installation and found “Files” addin in the Status Update Overlay. So i deployed filesDB and the application. Files was added to the overlay window, but still no buttons to save or cancel.

In Firebug i see that i get errors on some communities modules. So i deployed sncomm database and the communities application. After firing up Connections i can save Status Updates. It is enough to install Communities, the application mustn’t run! So i removed the autostart of communities and can use a lighter system, which runs on my notebook to test several things.

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Red parts in this screenshots come with Files, blue ones with Communities Application.

I think IBM should document these dependencies in Connections Wiki or in the Installation Manager. I found no descriptions of dependencies in IM or the Wiki.

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Today I got the question of how to disable the highlights app in Connections 7. When you follow the documentation for Connections 6.0CR6 you get an error message (and the document is not available in Connections 7).

I commented out the widget definition in widgets-config.xml like described in the documentation for the former release.

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Some time ago I got the tip from HCL Support, that the Create Community button will recognize the role community-creator only when the gatekeeper option CATALOG_CARD_UPDATED is set to false.

This is working, but I had to complain, that this option activates some code, which loads fonts from a CDN instead of the local Connections deployment.

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Since the update to the new HCL Connections Community Card-Based Overview (Connections 6.0 CR4) I search for a way to hide the button “Create Community” from users without the role “Community-Creator”. This was always possible in the earlier versions of Connections, but the button was shown always since the update.

During the year I mostly forgot about it, but yesterday I opened a case with HCL Connections Support and got immediatly following answer:

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