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Author: Christoph Stoettner
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A good evening for my all time open things list.

  1. Sjaak Ursinus postet the reason and solution why Chrome throws an error when you want to download from IBM Connections Files.

  2. Amanda Baumann postet the configuration to integrate Sametime Proxy in IBM Connections and use only IHS (IBM HTTPServer). No edge or squid is necessary.

Great job! Thanks a lot to both for sharing this information.

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I showed, in several slides and sessions, how you can use the search-admin role in the search application of HCL Connections for troubleshooting and reviewing some key configurations.

In several environments, my user or other administrative users have this role, just to access the link to /search/serverStatus for example.

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Last week I played around with the HCL Connections documentation to backup Elasticsearch in the article Backup Elasticsearch Indices in Component Pack .

In the end I found that I couldn’t get the snapshot restored and that I have to run a command outside of my Kubernetes cluster to get a snapshot on a daily basis. That’s not what I want.

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During a migration from Cognos Metrics to Elasticsearch Metrics, I had some issues with the index. So I wanted to create a backup of the already migrated data and start over from scratch.

The official documentation has an article on the topic: Backing up and restoring data for Elasticsearch-based components , but I had to slightly adjust the commands to get a successful snapshot.

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