Weird problem with Lotus Connections Activities Integration in Notes Client

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Author: Christoph Stoettner
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Today i had problems to recreate my Activities Sidebar connection after a Notes Client reinstall.

Each time when i want to connect, i got the following error message:

Cannot connect to the Activities Server.

Either the URL is incorrect, the server is down, or a firewall may be preventing you from reaching the server. Check the URL, your firewall settings and the server status and try again.”

Error message when testing connection to IBM Connections Activities

When i use the credentials in my browser or the integrated Notes browser, i could login, so server is responding and credentials were ok.

Then i had a look in my Domino person record and found out, that the shortname i used is not the first one which is configured. So i used the first shortname for activities sidebar and …



The first shortname in your person record is very important for Lotus IBM Connections. I had several issues when sorting changes in the shortname field, so leave the sorting (because TDI use this for mapping to profiles database) and use the first shortname for the activities sidebar in Lotus Notes.

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Aaron Burden: Fountain pen and a notebook
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Aaron Burden: Fountain pen and a notebook
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