Connections 3 on Ubuntu some news

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Author: Christoph Stoettner
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Finally i managed to install Connections 3 on Ubuntu Server, but i didn’t got a one machine setup running.

My idea was a demo install for testing issues. I can’t find DB2 32-Bit for Linux, so i decided to use Ubuntu 64 Bit and all other components 64 Bit. I got error after enabling ssl on IHS, because the ssl Plugin wasn’t found.
I think that the .so file is 32 bit and can’t work with 64 bit Linux.

So i make a two machine setup.

One 64 bit ubuntu vm with db2 9.7 and tdi 7 64 bit

Other machine is 32 bit and host Websphere Application Server, IHS and Connections

And again. To be continued …

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