IBM Lotus Connections 3.0 on Ubuntu Server 10.04

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Many people know, that i prefer Ubuntu for my testing environments and several production servers. So one of my first tries to install Lotus Connections 3.0 was on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS .

Best thing in Ubuntu is the package management with aptitude or apt (First developed from Debian GNU/Linux Community ). It is easy to use and powerful in installation and upgrade processes.

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Server Installation

Installed Standard Server 64 Bit with OpenSSH , nothing else. After the first start i prepared network, dns and /etc/hosts.

First hint: Ubuntu normaly includes a line in the /etc/hosts with hostname. I got an error on the first Websphere Application Server start, so i changed this line to the ip address of my host and the hostname.

Additional packages

I didn’t install a complete x-server environment. It works great with OpenSSH Server and xauth.

apt-get install xauth xterm ia32-libs vim-nox libaio1 libstdc++5
  • xauth, xterm: Minimal X-Server Environment

  • ia32-libs: Libraries for 32 Bit

  • libaio1: not shure if you need it, but i think so

Update: libaio1 is needed from DB2 Installer

libstdc++5: Installation of Tivoli Directory Integrator don’t start without this lib

Remap SH

In Ubuntu /bin/sh links to dash, this makes a lot of troubles with IBM Software. You can change it with dpkg-reconfigure dash and answer the question with no, then /bin/sh links to bash.

Test environment

My demo installation are to vmware machines in Vmware Fusion. System1: (Domino Server, LDAP), System2: (All in one installation: WAS, TDI, DB2, IHS, LCS).

Network configuration




Domino works great with this fake loopback device in /etc/hosts:






WAS will not start with fake loopback, so here the /etc/hosts:




Installation was pretty easy, when you know the installation process of connections 2.5. IBM made a lot of points simpler and i got only one error with the database wizard, but i could manage it with the sql scripts.

to be continued …

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