New version of “Administration Scripts for WebSphere”

· by Christoph Stoettner · Read in about 1 min · (140 words)

As preparation for Social Connections VI in Prague next week i redesigned the Administration Scripts for IBM Websphere.

Some highlights:

  • all scripts are moved to a subfolder with DMGR/bin (folder name: ibmcnx)

  • tested in multinode environments

  • added some classes everybody can use for his own scripts

  • adding policies to libraries (personal and communities) are using search now

New scripts:

  • documentation of all jvm settings of each application server

  • create a file with all documentation in one step

  • create cluster members for additional nodes

Sharon created a document with the content of all of our presentations and collected several tipps all around connections and community scripts. She will share this next time. We started to share parts of this document and more documentations (installation, usage) for scripts and IBM Connections on:

The new version can be downloaded from: