Lotus Traveler implements mail encryption for Android devices

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With last update vor Lotus Traveler there came a new feature for Android devices. You can read and send encrypted mails and you can sign mails with your notes id.

You can click on details in new mails, there you find the new checkboxes for encrypt or sign.

Long needed feature and it works better than Lotus Companion App on iPhone, because the id password is cached for a short time.

2011 03 17 2138


After some testing i wrote down some points on this new feature.

  • First of all i asked me, why i didn’t read anything about it. I found no document on IBM, which announces encryption on Android before 8.5.3. On my search i found a post in the Domino 8.5 Forum, which describes the new feature too. So why did nobody blog or announce it?

  • I have a test machine which is installed like described in the Traveler documention. I used a second Domain and Organization, so i can make more frequent updates and do not disturb our production environment.


    • I can’t use the new policies, because they aren’t in my production directory.

    • I can’t use ID Vault for encryption in Lotus Traveler, because the Traveler server isn’t allowed to download the ids. I found no way to get this working and no speaking log messages.

  • I think somebody should add these points to the official documentation.

  • In the moment i have no idea, how long the password is cached! My unencrypted messages stay unecrypted.

But i’m very impressed on the new feature, because the traveler implementation is only a few months old, but the functionality is better now than on the iPhone.

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