Domino Configuration Tuner and Vista’s UAC Don’t Mix

· by Christoph Stoettner · Read in about 1 min · (145 words)

Es gibt ein Problem beim Einrichten von DCT unter Vista mit aktiviertem UAC. Man sollte bei der Erstkonfiguration das UAC (falls nicht sowieso deaktivert) besser ausschalten.

On XP or a Vista machine with UAC turned off this is no problem, the files are deployed and you are prompted to restart your Notes client but with UAC turned on it runs into a bit of an issue, the files to be deployed to the Notes executable directory don’t get deployed and because it’s the notes client trying to put the file onto the hard drive the usual UAC prompt does not pop up. Even if the file deployment fails you will still be asked to restart your notes client and you wont know there is anything wrong till you start DCT again and your asked to restart the notes client yet again.