Some updates (some delayed) on Engage 2020, Connections, my job and documentation as code

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Time is running very fast and I completely forgot to update the blog for a long time.

What happened since DNUG Day 2020?

Changing the job

Some have already seen on LinkedIn that I joined Vegard IT. I’m very excited and see forward working and meeting with the new colleagues. During the Covid lockdown on boarding is a tough process, but I think we’re doing very well. So I’m still around and work with Connections, Kubernetes and other fun stuff.

Engage 2020

I attended Engage 2020 and enjoyed it very much meeting old and new friends. The session with Martin Schmidt was a big fun, we talked about "Kubernetes - Build or Buy", slides can be downloaded.

Thanks Theo, Hilde and the team of Engage for building this event.


Since months I do more and more Kubernetes deployments. So I built local clusters with Vagrant, Terraform, Rancher and kubeadm.

My goals are getting the CKA certification the next weeks and a smooth (automated) deployment for HCL Connections Componentpack.

So I work on topics like troubleshooting, breaking & reparing clusters and think about backup & restore of applications.

HCL Connections 6.5CR1

The first installs (test, demo, production) are running very good. The new componentpack supports newer Kubernetes versions now.

Technical writing - documentation as code

The last days I moved some of my Asciidoctor files to Antora. Antora can create documentation from multiple git repositories. So I can keep the documentation in the projects (e.g. Connections deployment repositorieis) and create a large set of documentation for my local computer or our intranet. Other definitions can create the single project documentation (just one repository).

I like Antora because it can work with Asciidoctor files, but it is way more. It splits content from ui, is fast and helps me even handle my daily notes.

Antora can handle git tags and branches, so new versions can be documented in new branches and the documentation provides all documents from all created versions. See the Antora docs, or one of the other projects which uses Antora. For example: