Today I attended Froscon 13 in St. Augustin. Froscon is one or the biggest event around Opensource in Germany. Thanks again to organizers sponsors of this awesome event, it was a pleisure to be here and have the chance to give a talk. The slides for my session "Documentation with any editor" can be found at If you’re interested and missed the talk, there is a video recording at available. Example files linked from session slides are stored in this Gitlab Repostitory, here you find the used build.gradle, Makefile and CI/CD configuration I normally use.

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Today I learned a new lesson during troubleshooting a IBM Connections System. I updated to 6.0 CR2, updated WebSphere to FP13, last fixpack for Docs and so on. You will ask if I added IFP88438 to the list, be sure that I installed this fix which reanables the root element in Federated Repositories. Have a look at WAS 8.5.5 FP12 breaks Domino "root" base entry setting for more details. Then one of the two deployments showed strange behavior with Activities. On the Activitystream I only got an orange error symbol instead of the Todo list and when I opened Activities directly I got an empty page.

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New Blog Engine

I switched my blog to Hugo the last days. After nearly 12 years with WordPress, I needed something new. Why did I drop WordPress, one of the most used blog engines in the world? Most used means always most interesting for bad guys. Dynamic pages are slower and can contain more vulnerabilities than static pages (which Hugo generates). Hugo supports git, so I have version control in my posts and design. I can start a small web server locally and test the posts: hugo server -D and the most convenient thing: I can use VIM for editing. VIM is THE editor for me, I tried using it with vim-anywhere with my browsers, but it’s still not the same.

Linkdump 4/2018

A long pause after creating the last linkdump. Not sure why, because I read a lot. So this time some of my readings on Kubernetes, Security and Vim. Interesting career: Lessons from My Strange Journey into InfoSec Developer Tools are very useful for all kind of users. I like them to troubleshoot webpages, IBM Connections and more. Essential Chrome Developer Tools: Beginner to Master Replacement for WebSphere and JBoss? Why Kubernetes is The New Application Server - RHD Blog Some networking for Kubernetes. Think Before you NodePort in Kubernetes - Oteemo

IBM Docs Viewer can open source files with syntax highlighting. This feature is default disabled, but sometimes very useful. You need to enable it with IBM Connections Gatekeeper. Be aware that most of Gatekeeper settings are not officially supported by IBM and can have side effects! Open Gatekeeper with https://your-connections-fqhn/connections/config Now search for FILEVIEWER_PREVIEW_TEXT and change the value to True. Now when you open an html (or other text file) from IBM Connections Files it will open a preview and after a short flickering of the document the source is highlighted.

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