Install All Packages After Restore on RPM-based Linux

rpm fedora centos redhat linux

In the last days I had a problem with a crashed virtual disk on a WebSphere Application Server. The backup team was able to recover all the data, but the operating system needs to be reinstalled. The operating system was Red Hat Linux, so rpm-based. One of the first tasks after recovery was to identify and reinstall missing packages. A big advantage was that several WebSphere nodes were used in this environment, the Deployment Manager was still intact, and a still working server could be used as a basis for determining the missing packages. I used the following commands:

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Kubernetes 101 - Docker Mannheim

meetup kubernetes talk

Today I had the pleisure to give a talk about Kubernetes Basics at the Docker Mannheim Meetup. I enjoyed it very much and we had some very good discussions after the talk with the traditional pizza and drinks sponsored by Stocard. A big shout-out to Jens and Martina for organizing the meetup! During the talk I promised that I will upload the slides and provide some more links: Session slides can be found here: Kubernetes 101 Kubernetes 101 Links Kubetail

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Social Connections 14 in Berlin

generic pink ibmcnx Kubernetes

Last week I attended Social Connections 14 in Berlin, the event location had a great view and weather was great. I had the chance to do a session on "Kubernetes Basics for IBM Connections Admins". The session slides are attached on that post and there will be a video recording available some day at https://www.panagenda.com. Kubernetes Basics for IBM Connections Admins On each event all attendees do a group picture, thanks to Hogne (Elfworld): The event was well organized (as always) of the awesome team Wannes, Maria, Simon, Nico, Martin and Jan.

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Attending Admincamp 2018

This week starts with Admincamp in Gelsenkirchen. Thanks Rudi Knegt and team for this awesome event! The conference or lets name it camp was real fun. In the end I did three sessions and a workshop. You can find download links to all slides and used files in this article or on https://stoeps.de/speaking/2018/. I learned and heared a lot of interesting stuff around IBM Notes, IBM Connections and Sametime. You can get most of the session slides through the Admincamp agenda. Save the date! Next https://admincamp.de will take place from 25. to 27. March 2019 here in Gelsenkirchen. Here can you find my session slides (all talks were held in english), but maybe you can run them through deepl or Google Translate.

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Asciidoctor Windows

During my talk at FrOSCon I wasn’t sure how to install Asciidoctor on Windows. So I tried on a Windows 10 VM. When you want to use Asciidoctor on a Windows desktop, you need to download the Rubyinstaller and install it. Now you can open a administrative command window and install with gem install asciidoctor. Let’s test with an easy document: test.adoc = Test Asciidoctor on Windows :icons: font == Admonition NOTE: Will this work? TIP: Convert with `asciidoctor test.adoc` Update I had a typo in the conversion command, you can still see it in the screenshot.

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