IBM Verse on Premises Integration with Connections and Docs issue with iNotes_WA_Security_NonceCheck

connections verse vop xss

During the week we integrated IBM Connections and IBM Docs in our test environment and everything worked fine. Then we moved the configuration to production and most of the stuff was working, like showing Business cards, profile pictures and Connections files to add into mails. Docs Viewer and uploading files from a mail to Connections generated an error: “because of an internal server error” I digged into it with Burpsuite and Fiddler4, in the meantime a customer called me and described the same symptoms. Within the traces I found that the systems which didn’t upload the files had following header set:

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Social Connections 12 in Vienna

This time Social Connections is hosted in Vienna. The austrian capital is a great place to meet new and old friends. I love the city and the awesome dialect, to listen and practise a little bit, start with the lovely video about the only word you really need to survive in Vienna. The next two days are packed with informations about IBM Connections and I hope to get in touch with the developer team of Pink to see the next planned features. The agenda promises a good mix for all people interested in IBM Connections, developers, administrators and adoption experts can attend and discuss with speakers, IBM developers, product managers and IBM Business partners.

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Orient Me, Elasticsearch and Disk space

With IBM Connections 6 you can deploy the additional component Orient Me, which provides the first microservices which will build the new IBM Connections pink. Orient Me is installed on top of IBM Spectrum Conductor for Containers (CFC) a new product to help with clustering and orchestrating of the Docker containers. Klaus Bild showed in a blog post some weeks ago how to add a container with Kibana to use the deployed Elasticsearch for visualizing the environment. I found two issues with the deployed Elasticsearch container, but let me explain from the beginning. On Monday I checked my demo server and the disk was full, so I searched a little bit and found that Elasticsearch is using around 50GB of disk space for the indices.

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Deleting temp and wstemp on Microsoft Windows Server

robocopy server tool windows

Since some versions of IBM Connections, it is mandatory to delete temp and wstemp of your Connections node after deployment or updates, or you end up with an old layout/design of Connections GUI. On a Windows Server System this can be a pain, because within temp/wstemp WebSphere Application Server creates a folder structure with nodename / application server name and so on. In must cases the delete ends with the message “path too long”. So you can start and rename the folders and try to delete over and over again. A time consuming activity and you need to do several times during an update.

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IBM Connect 2017 – slides, news and so

This year I attended IBM Connect in San Francisco. In my eyes it was a great event and I enjoyed it very much. Some announcements are very important for the future and evolution of the IBM portfolio: IBM Connections Pink – Jason Gary and the IBM Development team showed the future of IBM Connections. The basis will be Docker and a lot of other Opensource products. I see forward to work with a complete new stack and be very curious on deployment, migration and scaling. It is a complete rewrite and will not longer need DB2 or WebSphere.

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