SSL0115E: Initialization error, Error validating ASN fields in certificate

Today I got a call that a IBM HTTP Server stopped working after a reboot. The service starts and ends again after some seconds. In the error_log of IBM HTTP we found following messages: [notice] Bld version: 8.5.5 [notice] Bld date: Oct 30 2014, 11:44:02 [notice] Webserver: IBM_HTTP_Server [notice] Using config file C:/IBM/HTTPServer/conf/httpd.conf [notice] IBM_HTTP_Server/ (Win32) configured -- resuming normal operations [notice] Server built: Oct 20 2014 10:58:09 [notice] Disabled use of AcceptEx() WinSock2 API [notice] Parent: Created child process 4004 [crit] Error 10 initializing SSL environment, aborting startup [error] SSL0115E: Initialization error, Error validating ASN fields in certificate. Configuration Failed [crit] (OS 1813)The specified resource type cannot be found in the image file.

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IBM Connections – Communities Trash

Today i thought about creating and deleting some Communities with the REST API. Works really good and i need to post my findings sometimes. First cool thing is that you can create restricted Communities with external feature through REST. After deleting these Communities i checked the Community overview through my browser and found following view: So you mustn’t use wsadmin to restore Communities from trash, you can use this view. Never heared of it and the documentation still mentions wsadmin as the only way to restore them.

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Social Connections 9 In Germany – Only Three Weeks Away

connections ibmcnx soccnx

The next big IBM Connections Community event – Social Connections 9 – takes place November 05/06 in Ehningen / Germany. The theme of the event is “Working out loud” and it offers tons of sessions all around IBM Connections and Adoption in the social software world. This will be my fifth Social Connections Event after Zurich, Prague, Stockholm and Boston, for me all of them were great experiences and personally very successful. I have been working with ESS / ICS / Lotus products since 2000 and I followed many other community members through blogs, forums, web events and tweets, but I rarely had the chance to meet any of them in person.

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Social Connections 9 – 2 days left to submit abstracts

The call for abstracts for Social Connections 9 in Ehningen will be closed on monday! So if you plan to attend and want to share your knowledge you have only few days left to submit your abstract! The first keynote speakers are announced and i see forward to meet John Stepper – “Working Out Loud: How to make work more effective & fulfilling across your organization” and Silvia Cambie – “Convincing the C-Suite: Collaboration begins with Culture” If you’re interested to attend the event you can register on Eventbrite, Social Connections 9 will be on 5th and 6th november in Ehningen, Germany.

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Admincamp 2015 – i will be there

Admincamp 2015 will take place from 21st to 23rd September at Maritim Hotel Gelsenkirchen. I will talk about “IBM Connections administrieren” and “IBM Connections Best Practise”. During my first session i will show you the basic knowledge that you can manage your IBM Connections infrastructure, often needed tasks like reparent Communities, synchronise profiles, backup and basic troubleshooting. The second session is the extended and updated version of my IBM ConnectED session, i will show you often seen mistakes during deployments, basic sizing thoughts and how to tune your environment. The session will be in german and we have 90 minutes to cover all informations around IBM Connections deployment and administration.

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