Log Login Errors of IBM Connections with IBM HTTP Server

cnx httpd ibmcnx ihs log

You can log login errors within IBM Http Server. One way would be to get use SetEnvIf, but then you can’t get the querystring of the error page. When you type a wrong password the URL changes from https://connectionshost/application/login/ to https://connectionshost/application/login/?error=true. SetEnvIf Request_URI "/login$" log This set the environment variable to log, but when you read the Apache documentation you find: The resource requested on the HTTP request line — generally the portion of the URL following the scheme and host portion without the query string. See the RewriteCond directive of mod_rewrite for extra information on how to match your query string

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IBM Connections 4.5 CR4 released – new features are available

IBM released CR4 for IBM Connections 4.5 yesterday evening. You can download CR4, TDISOL and some Cognos Updates at following links: Fix list for IBM Connections 4.5 CR4 Updating the IBM Connections 4.5 databases to the required schema versions for Cumulative Refresh 4 (CR4) Fix Central Download Link New functions included in IBM Connections 4.5 CR4 New Functions After deploying CR4 you can enable some new features: Hash tags in status update replies Add <properties> <genericProperty name="com.ibm.connections.ublog.hashtagCommentEnabled">enabled</genericProperty> </properties> to lotusconnections-config.xml Now you can use hash tags in replies.

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Some Words After Engage And Bcconde

This week i attended Engage in Breda. I had a session with famous Sharon Bellamy, we covered an update of our Connect 2014 session about BP307 – Practical Solutions for Connections Administrators – Tips and Scripts for Your Daily Busines. I enjoyed it very much to be with lovely community guys, old and new friends. I want to thank Theo Heselman, he and his crew did and does a really great job to get us all together (350 attendees, 30 IBM Champions, 65 speakers). Kitty and Warren Elsmore were with us again and made lovely copies of ourself in lego.

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Last weeks, new scripts and next weeks

It was little bit quiet here after Connect 2014. I had lots of projects and no time to add new scripts or even do bug fixing. I promised at Connect, that i will fix the JDBC drivers, that they will load on Windows too. See cnxMemberCheckExIDByEmail.py as an example. Loading JDBC Drivers within jython scripts Jan Riedel sent me a solution for SLES and i tested his proposal today within Windows. He points me in the right direction, i mustn’t load the path or jar within the script, it is better to load on starting wsadmin. You have to add the JDBC Driver path to WAS_EXT_DIRS.

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IBM Connect 2014

ibmconnect ibmconnect2014

IBM Connect 2014 is here. I enjoyed the last days very much! Meeting great old and new friends, community members and the IBM Champions family. I’m very impressed of the news IBM provides us. New IBM Mail and Connections Mail, Connections next and the integration of lots of software within IBM Connections. Today i will make my session “BP 307 – Practical Solutions for Connections Administrators – Tips and Scripts for Your Daily Business” with the incredible Sharon Belamy. When you’re here in Orlando, we would be happy to see you there. Find some videos of our demos here: https://www.

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