Command history wsadmin on Linux

Missing command history on Linux is a little problem when using command line utilities like wsadmin, db2, sqlplus and so on. I found a solution for this today. You can use rlwrap to get command history for all applications on the console and it is possible to recall and edit the commands. Rlwrap uses readline. Installation on CentOS: yum install readline-static gcc make tar -xvzf rlwrap-0.41.tar.gz cd rlwrap-0.41 ./configure make make install Call rlwrap with wsadmin: rlwrap -r /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/Dmgr01/bin/wsadmin.sh -lang jython -username wasadmin -password password rlwrap and db2 rlwrap -r db2 Use rlwrap everytime with alias vim ~/.

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Social Connections VI in Prague

ibmcnx soccnx

This week starts in the beautiful town Prague with Social Connections VI. I met great people and first of all i want to thank the organisation team for this great event. At the end we made the traditional image with all attendees. Foto ©2014 by Oli Heinz I enjoyed two very delicious dinners and had great discussions around IBM ICS, met old and new friends. After years of tweets, forum entries and virtual talks i finally met Martin in person and had an entertaining evening with him and Sjaak. Foto ©2014 by Oli Heinz

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New version of “Administration Scripts for WebSphere”

ibmcnx jython script scripting

As preparation for Social Connections VI in Prague next week i redesigned the Administration Scripts for IBM Websphere. Some highlights: all scripts are moved to a subfolder with DMGR/bin (folder name: ibmcnx) tested in multinode environments added some classes everybody can use for his own scripts adding policies to libraries (personal and communities) are using search now New scripts: documentation of all jvm settings of each application server create a file with all documentation in one step create cluster members for additional nodes

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Search fails with the error CLFRW0060E: Input-output exception

IBM released a tech document on friday with title: Search fails with the error CLFRW0060E: Input-output exception. This document solves one of my problems i had in a demo environment since two weeks. I traced the environment, checked j2ee roles, reinstalled CR3 and 4, redeployed search and activities, but i always got an error, when the search wants to access the activities seed list. So what happened? I want to show the /search/serverStatus page in a course and for this i want to remove all warnings and errors. When you don’t set SEARCH_SEEDLIST_TIMEOUT, you get a warning, that the variable is not set.

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Customizing IBM Connections Profiles – Add custom field to searchResults

Adding a custom field to IBM Connections Profiles is great documented in “https://www.slideshare.net/palmke/show301-make-your-ibm-connections-deployment-your-own-customize-it-30628456[SHOW301: Make Your IBM® Connections Deployment Your Own: Customize It!]” the Connect 2014 session of Wannes Rams and Klaus Bild. Thanks to them for this great collection of customizing tipps. In my case the bundle name is “stoeps” and the custom field i want to add is “twitterId”. lotusconnections-config.xml <resources> <!-- Custom strings for field labels --> <widgetBundle name="local.stoeps.profiles.strings.uiLabels" prefix="stoeps"/> </resources> local.stoeps.profiles.strings.uilabels.properties # extension property field labels label.stoeps.twitterId=Twitter Id: profiles-types.xml <property> <!-- Custom field for Twitter ID --> <ref>twitterId</ref> <updatability>readwrite</updatability> <hidden>false</hidden> </property> profiles-config.

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