Connections Plugins 4.5 for IBM Notes 9 are available

You can download the Plugins in greenhouse catalog. Connections Plugins 4.0 are not compatible with IBM Notes 9 Gold. It worked with the beta editions, but not with stable. Direct Link More Infos at Luis Benitez Blog.

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Connections 3 Customizing – custom.css is not enough

I had a problem last week with some customizations via custom.css in IBM Connections CR3. Communities still use the default Layout and colors. I found that defaultTheme.css rewrites some of my custom.css statements. I had to add the content of custom.css to the end of the xxxTheme.css (lazy but it works), that i have a consistent color and layout change. Tests with @import are not working, because @import must be the first statement of a css file and i need to add the custom.css to the end of the xxxTheme.css.

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ruddigkeit.net – IBM Connections 4.0 CR3 available – update

cnx connections cr Fix ibmcnx

IBM announced CR3 for IBM Connections 4.0, that’s about 800 MB new updates. Don’t forget to update your homepage database, when you didn’t install CR2 already. more: http://www.ruddigkeit.net/[ruddigkeit.net | .. collaboration and more ::..]. Update: CR3 needs database updates for metrics database and cognos application! Please read this technote.

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WebSphere Application Server on Ubuntu 12.04 64 Bit

install Ubuntu websphere

I’m really impressed of the WAS 8 installation. Install Manager can handle multiple repositories, so you can install the core package and updates in one step. That’s lots faster than installing WAS 7, Update Installer and the fixes. Yes i know Ubuntu is unsupported for WebSphere Application Server, but i like the simple install and update process. So i use it on about 80 % of my linux testsystems and i have no problems when installing IBM Domino, WebSphere, DB2 or Connections. Additional software for Ubuntu I added the following packages to Ubuntu and use x-forward for installing IM and WAS.

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Started WebSphere 8 Download

I read today the requirements for IBM Connections 4.5, which will be released on 29th of march. On point there is WebSphere Application Server V8.0.0.5 for Network Deployment. WebSphere Application Server V8 must be installed through Install Manager, so you have to download 4 packages for the server core and 4 packages for supplements. After this the fixes for, what do you think you many data will it be? You will download more than 10 GB of Software only for WebSphere Installation! 6.x GB for V8 and about 5 GB for fixes. Here the Software (with some DB2 stuff):

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