Eclipse As A Jython IDE

eclipse markdown scripting sql

I added several plugins to my Eclipse, so i can access the scripts on GitHub and edit through an IDE: Jython and Python Development PyDev: http://pydev.org/updates Markdown (Documentation within Github) Markdown: http://winterwell.com/software/updatesite/ Access GitHub: EGIT: http://download.eclipse.org/egit/updates Shellscript Editor EasyShell: http://pluginbox.sourceforge.net ShellEd: http://sourceforge.net/projects/shelled/files/shelled/update/ SQL Scripts SQL Explorer: http://eclipsesql.sourceforge.net/

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This year i attended the ICON UK in Brighton. I enjoyed it very much to speak in front of a great audience and to meet friends and “lotus” guys again. You can review my session slides here. I extended some scripts from socconv and add a short part jython introduction.  

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Activate and customize “Table of contents” macro in IBM Connections Wiki

I read of a new function in IBM Connections Wiki i missed the last time on twitter today. A new macro to create a table of contents within a wiki page. The activation of this macro is documented here: Wikis configuration properties wikimacros.enabled Specifies whether macros are enabled in Wikis. You can use macros to automate common tasks, such as generating a table of contents in a wiki page. The default value of this parameter is false. To enable macros, set the value to true. When enabled, macros are available from the Macros menu in the editor toolbar.

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Create a printable and portable Connections Product Documentation

documentation ibmcnx script

The IBM Connections Product Documentation is only available as a set of Wiki Documents and in a accessible version (5 single html documents). I don’t like both versions. Searching is hard and printing only single documents (to paper or pdf) is a torture. The format is only for a complete display, no mobile version and using only half of a display do not wrap the text. So i want to have a converted document which is searchable, has numbered headlines and can be converted to mobi or kindle format. You want this too? How? Requirements Linux VM (e.

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SocCnx: more scripts added

jython scripting wsadmin

Because of a delay of some hours on my flight back from Social Connections V on saturday, i had time to rewrite the jython script for backing up and restore security roles in WebSphere Application Server. I updated the master branch on GitHub, which now contains a db2 initscript and the two new scripts securityrolebackup.py and securityrolerestore.py! You can call the scripts through wsadmin.sh|bat and they do following. securityrolebackup.sh cd $WAS_HOME/profiles/Dmgr01/bin ./wsadmin.sh -lang jython -username admin -password password -f "path/securityrolebackup.sh" "../temp" This will save the security roles for each installed application to $WAS_HOME/profiles/Dmgr01/temp to single files named: Application.

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