Weekend is near, so short word on this week

champion ibmcnx

I had a very busy week and had no time to enjoy the feeling to be an IBM Champion 2014, as it was announced. But after finishing an IBM Connections update this night at 0:30, i realised it and i’m very proud that i was nominated and elected from IBM. See you all in Orlando! Thanks to the community!

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New OpenNTF.org project: Administration Scripts for WebSphere

I started a new project on OpenNTF for the collection of scripts we created to speed up and simplify WebSphere and Connections Administration. Link to this project: Administration Scripts for WebSphere In the moment most of documentation is only as comment in these scripts. Descriptions can be found in Github and Slideshare. Highlights J2EE Security Role Backup and Restore Set initial Security Roles for Connections Applications (Author: Klaus Bild) Documentation When you want to start with this collection, copy the jython script to your Deployment Manager bin-folder ($WAS_HOME/profiles/Dmgr01/bin) and call the scripts with wsadmin.

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IBM Connections Mobile Apps Update with CCM Support

ibmcnx mobile plugins

Luis Benitez announced an update for the mobile applications of IBM Connections. Function is looking great. You can now view, approve and reject CCM Files with your mobile device. Screenshot from Socialize Me Read more: http://www.lbenitez.com/2013/11/ibm-connections-mobile-apps-updated.html    

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Admincamp 2013 – updated slides in german

This week i attended the Admincamp in Gelsenkirchen. It was a awesome event, where i met lots of friends and other cool people. I made two sessions, you can find the session slides here, in this special case in german. Security and Administration of IBM Connections Save the mice – Scripting in WebSphere, Connections and DB2 (Online Version) I have extended and translated the session slides from ICONUK. You can download this Slides as ZIP: index.html is ICONUK Version index-ac.html is german AdminCamp Version Here some of my impressions: Oping session with Rudi Knegt

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IBM Connections 4.5 CR2 released

Fix ibmcnx

IBM finally released CR2 for IBM Connections 4.5 You find more details and download links here. One fix is the hard coded wikis toc strings. Will test it. Update You have to update FNCS to Document contains a short description of the update procedure (Do not forget to read the whole document! Backup the files, because you have to restore them later). Cognos and Metrics Database needs some changes.

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