IBM Connections: File download with IE 9 without [1] on extension

connections ie9 mod_headers

File download with Internet Explorer 9 modifies the file extension and so files can’t open with any installed application. Problem occurs with IBM Connections 3.0.1 and 3.0.1 with installed CR3. IE 9 isn’t supported in the moment, but with a little tweak on IHS side, it is possible, that IE 9 download files without modifying the extension. Biggest problem here is, that opening attachments will open the “Open with” dialog, because no application is linked to a file extension .pdf. Normal file download with IE9 and IBM Connections: The http header shows following line for the download file and the name:

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Two things solved today

chrome connections

A good evening for my all time open things list. Sjaak Ursinus postet the reason and solution why Chrome throws an error when you want to download from IBM Connections Files. Amanda Baumann postet the configuration to integrate Sametime Proxy in IBM Connections and use only IHS (IBM HTTPServer). No edge or squid is necessary. Great job! Thanks a lot to both for sharing this information.

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Changing interface language in DB2 Control Center

db2 localisation

I often install IBM Connections on localised operating systems, so normally DB2 control center get started with a non-english language. Interface language in DB2 control center can be changed through environment variable DB2LANG. After setting DB2LANG=EN and restart db2cc i get a english interface.

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Problems with Mobile Fix and IBM Connections 3.0.1

The last two weeks i installed two IBM Connections 3.0.1. After installing i went to IBM Fix Central and look for the latest fixes. There are 7 Fixes available and for Multi Mobile Patch it shows a superseded fix. So i decided to download patch one to seven and ignored july mobile update. I installed the fixes as ever. Updating updateinstaller Disabled node synchronisation Disabled Application Server automatic starting shut down the Clusters synchronize nodes and so on. After the installation i can’t use the mobile apps for iOS, android or Blackberry.

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First steps with blogsy on iPad

blog connections offline

Last week a new blog editor for offline blogging has announced IBM Connections blogs support. Blogsy is a nice tool and costs about 4€ in apple app store. My first tests are not very good, because Blogsy 3.3 has problems with multiple Blogs in IBM Connections. Only one day later, after some comments in Blogsy Blog, a new version can be downloaded from Appstore. Blogsy 3.3.1 can handle multiple Connections blogs, but the App crashes right after uploading a new post. I hope they will make a updated version soon. I enjoy offline blog editors very much, because i can prepare articles on train and upload them later after i found a free WLAN.

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