Integrate Sametime Proxy 8.5.2 IFR 1 in IBM Connections

connections Fix sametime

The last days i used to integrate Sametime in IBM Connections. I did this a few times the last two years, but i used ST 8.5.1 and older Connections Versions. First of all, it is much easier to apply now. You mustn’t add Proxy entries to your IHS (IBM HTTPServer) or activate awareness lookup in profiles-config.xml – BUT you have to install exactly the right versions. I mapped the wc_defaultport of Sametime Proxy to 80 and 443, so i mustn’t have special thoughts on firewalls. Now i checked out uiextensions-config.xml and added the URL of my Sametime Proxy Server.

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IBM Connections – open Communities Bookmarks in new Tab or Window

connections Customizing

Since version 3.0 bookmarks (dogear) module of Connections can be configured to open bookmarks in a new window, but the configuration does not include bookmarks in the Community module. To get this function consistent and it would be good, when IBM adds the dogear configure switch to communities too. Until this, you can follow this: Go to [AppServer-Root]/profiles/[Communities-WAS]/installedApps/[cellname]/Communities.ear/comm.web.war/WEB-INF/tags Edit displaybookmark.tag and change following line: <a id="b_uri_${bookmark.uuid}" href="<tango:safeURL>${bookmark.uri}"> to <div id="b_entry_${bookmark.uuid}"> <h4> <a target="_blank" id="b_uri_${bookmark.uuid}" href="<tango:safeURL>${bookmark.uri}> </a> </h4> </div> To recompile the jsps and activate this changes, edit and save the bookmarks.

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Created new mail rule

Notes rule rules

Today i created a new mail rule in IBM Lotus Notes. I hate mails sent with high importance and i have some people which are sending all there mail with high importance! The new traveler app adds “Dringend” to each mail marked with high importance. I read my mails all 10 to 20 minutes and i normally answer them in under two hours, but i do not answer faster, when i see a red “!” Get rid of this: I created a mail rule to remove the high importance tag. Thanks Notes!

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Meeting delegation with comments (Notes 8.5.x)

I think there is a wrong message in meeting delegation with comments function. When you delegate a meeting to someone else and add a comment, then the Comment window shows following info text: “The delegation notice will go out to the delegee and chair will receive the information about this delegation.” So people who add a comment think the text will be sent to the person which get delegated. What do you think? Who will receive the comment? Yes right, the chair will get it, not the delegee. I think this is very confusing for the users and perhaps they add comments which shouldn’t be read of the chair!

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Missing Administration Tab in IBM Connections CR1

connections kudos widget

Today i installed Kudos at a customer site. As always i come to the point to add the Leaderboard Widget to Connections Homepage, so i mapped my user in ISC – Applications – Homepage – Map User roles to the Admin Role. The existing entry for wasadmin (a non ldap user) was still present after adding my account. I logged in to Connections Homepage, but Administration Tab was missing. When i call the Administration Link https://connections.customersite.com/homepage/admin/openAdminPage.action i get a not authorized message. Restarting homepage didn’t solve the issue. After some tests i removed the local wasuser from admin role and logged in again.

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