Dependencies Connections 4 Applications

Last week i want to build a “light” Connections Installation to test some things like OAuth and Customizing. So i installed Domino 9 Beta on Ubuntu 12.04 64 Bit, DB2 9.5.7 Express and WebSphere. I deployed the homepage and the profiles databases. After this i want to install the required applications of Connections (Homepage, Search and News) and Profiles. Installation shows no more dependencies and i started up my Connections after install. Modules are looking good, but when i want to add a status update the windows opens, but show no buttons to Save the Status. Even on homepage or people views i can’t add status updates.

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IBM Connections APAR LO73245

cnx tdi tdisol

I read an open APAR on IBM Connections today (login required!): LO73245 Description: TDI’s sync_all_users.sh doesn’t allow us to import departmentNumbers longer than 16 chars, although the database schema supports values up to 24 chars. And as local solution: worked around the issue with creating a custom field I had a very similar problem with validation of LDAP Search filter (which is saved in employee-table too) and searched longer to solve this (I set sync_store_source_url=false), but the real error was like here in validate_dbrepos_fields.properties. When you open validate_dbrepos_fields.properties (in your tdisol directory) you found following:

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Klaus Bild – Add admin users to Connections 4 security roles – the easy way

jython script wsadmin

Klaus Bild provided two scripts for setting Connections Admins through jython and wsadmin. I want to add one detail, when you want to add multiple Admins, then you can use pipe | as delimiter. First line would be connwasadmin='wasadmin|conadmin' Thanks Klaus, i like to set the admins through a script, because fixpack installations often set the j2ee roles to default.

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Install IC4 Lotus Notes Plugins on Mac OS X 10.8.x

cnx connections Notes Plugin

Today Luis Benitez annouced the new Connections 4 Plugins for Lotus Notes. The zip-file contains all three operating system installer. Windows, Linux and Mac, but i had no success to install through xpd.mac-addon.pgk, because the preinstall script stop the installation. You can open this file in finder: ] ] Now you can copy the updatesite folder to an other place and use File – Application – Install in Lotus Notes. Point the Install to the updatesite folder and install the whole package. I have to restart twice, but after this i can use the new Status Update, Files and Activities Plugins.

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Hardening Connections – Part 1: IBM HTTP Server

Preamble Before i begin with my securing article, i want to say something on security on IBM Connections. Mainly i don’t like the thing, that IBM only support very special versions of software. So we must use WebSphere, DB2, IHS and so on. Each product had updates the last months and i think we won’t get support when we use other versions. So i have to chances. On the first side i can update my software to limit vulnerabilities and get perhaps no support, or i will have vulerable software with support. Just my 2 cent and i hope i will get answer, if i will get support with higher program versions.

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