New article: IMAP folders synching with Notes views in Domino 8.5.2

imap Notes

New feature in 8.5.2 is synchronizing of sent as an imap folder. Article describes the way to deploy and give some hints. Notes.ini setting to enable: EnableImapFolderSynch=1 http://www.dominopower.com/newsitems/00052856.html

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Websphere Application Server – Automatic Key Rollover

Because i had several issues with automated renewed ssl and ltpa keys on my websphere servers, i found this article on the blog of Mitch Cohen: http://www.curiousmitch.com/2009/06/disabling-automatic-ltpa-key-generation-in-was-or-how-to-stopsso-between-was-and-domino-from-breaking/ Perhaps this is interesting for more people.

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Manage message signatures with Lotus Notes Traveler

You can use policy setting document “Mail settings” to deploy a standard message disclaimer for your users. First you have to configure your domino server which makes the smtp conversion of internet mails. For this server open the “configuration document” and check if “Message disclaimers” is enabled. Now we need a policy for all traveler users, or if you want to deploy personalized signatures, for each traveler user. I created a dynamic policy (explicit policy document and set of group/user in “policy assignment”) for my traveler user and made a mail setting document for the disclaimer:

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Connections 3 on Ubuntu some news

Finally i managed to install Connections 3 on Ubuntu Server, but i didn’t got a one machine setup running. My idea was a demo install for testing issues. I can’t find DB2 32-Bit for Linux, so i decided to use Ubuntu 64 Bit and all other components 64 Bit. I got error after enabling ssl on IHS, because the ssl Plugin wasn’t found. I think that the .so file is 32 bit and can’t work with 64 bit Linux. So i make a two machine setup. One 64 bit ubuntu vm with db2 9.7 and tdi 7 64 bit

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Contact and comments

Only some short news. I disabled comments after 28 days of article creation time. Secondly i installed a new contact form mailer, so you can send me additional infos to posts after this time with this form.

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