Notes 8.5.2 FP2 and Lotus Connections Plugins Might Not Play Nicely Together « CuriousMitch

connections Notes plugins

Mitch found out that FP2 for Notes 8.5.2 breaks Connections Files and Status Updater Plugins. http://www.curiousmitch.com/2011/05/notes-8-5-2-fp2-and-lotus-connections-plugins-might-not-play-nicely-together/

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ESCAPE VELOCITY :: Making Domino Designer work like you want

designer Domino

I found some tips here i didn’t know. Perhaps some other admins can get some hints too. http://ntf.gbs.com/nathan/escape.nsf/d6plinks/NTFN-8GP6RP

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Populate profile pictures with TDI to LDAP

ldap tdi

Today i made a new assembly line in Tivoli Directory Integrator. I iterate Shortname and Filename (with path) of a jpeg-photo in a csv-file. A java class converts this pic to an jpeg binary (class returns this binary array) and then tdi write this value to domino ldap in jpegphoto attribute. Works great, only the csv-file is a little bit of work, but it is a great way to add lots of pictures to sametime profiles. Next step is to include an connector to Lotus Connections profiles.

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Running Sync_All_DNS as scheduled task on Windows 2008

connections peopledb tdi

To automate the sync_all_dns.bat on my IBM Lotus Connections Servers, i made a scheduled task for the Tivoli Directory Integrator (TDI) script. This works fine on Windows 2003. Today i discovered that my scheduled task on Windows 2008 wasn’t running since i switched the operating system to Microsoft Windows 2008. After a search i found that i need to set a optional parameter, then it works: To start bat- or cmd-files, you have to insert the path to this script in “Start in (Optional)”. When i start the script without “Start in” the scheduler gives a “SUCCESS” Status, but nothing happens!

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Weird problem with Lotus Connections Activities Integration in Notes Client

Today i had problems to recreate my Activities Sidebar connection after a Notes Client reinstall. Each time when i want to connect, i got the following error message: Cannot connect to the Activities Server. Either the URL is incorrect, the server is down, or a firewall may be preventing you from reaching the server. Check the URL, your firewall settings and the server status and try again.” When i use the credentials in my browser or the integrated Notes browser, i could login, so server is responding and credentials were ok. Then i had a look in my Domino person record and found out, that the shortname i used is not the first one which is configured.

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