Show Community Create Button only to users with role "community-creator"

by Christoph Stoettner
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Since the update to the new HCL Connections Community Card-Based Overview (Connections 6.0 CR4) I search for a way to hide the button “Create Community” from users without the role “Community-Creator”. This was always possible in the earlier versions of Connections, but the button was shown always since the update.

During the year I mostly forgot about it, but yesterday I opened a case with HCL Connections Support and got immediatly following answer:

There is a new gatekeeper flag, CATALOG_CARD_UPDATED, which was introduced in IC6.0CR5 to help enhance the community card based view. This will need to be set to false to address this issue. You can perform the below steps to address this.

(1) Login to the below Connections url as the user mapped to the admin role for the Common application.

You can check the user mapped to this role from WAS console, Apps > Common > Security role to user/group mapping > admin


(2) Locate the CATALOG_CARD_UPDATED setting and change it from true to false.

(3) Save the setting

(4) Restart the Communities application

HCL Support

To make it short, this works perfectly as described. Now the button is not visible for users without the community-creator role.

HCL is planning a technote on this, I will update the post and add the url when it is available. Thanks to HCL for the fast solution and that I’m allowed to publish it already.

Update from 2021-11-18

Please check Hiding the Create Community button 2nd for the latest updates on the usage of CATALOG_CARD_UPDATED.

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