Linkdump 1/2019

by Christoph Stoettner
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Fountain pen and a notebook

Photo by Aaron Burden | Unsplash

First linkdump 2019, it was a busy year until now, with a lot of new topics and tools. Here is a short list of posts and articles I have read the last weeks.

A quite interesting tool (basic css) for quick web pages: kognise/water.css


In Devops we do a lot of scripting, often with bash. Here is a good article on pitfalls.


More and more important, you can’t start too early implementing security.

Post Mortem

I like the idea to write down solutions after downtimes, this would cost some time digging into logfiles and write, but in the end it will save time for you and users.

Infrastructure as code


I read some books 2019 (mix of eBook, paper and audio book), here the most important ones:

Links pointing to Amazon, no affiliate ones. Please buy your books in your preferred shop.

My vacation (reading) project: The New World Champion Paper Airplane Book

Online Courses

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