Thoughts About Sharing Files Via Link - IBM Connections 6.0 CR4

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The last IBM Connections 6.0 CR4 introduced the new feature "Sharing Files via Link". A quite handy way to share files with users by link. Just open the file, go to sharing and select "Share by Link".

"Share by Link" makes it easy to share and grant read access to personal and Community files.
— What's New in IBM Connections Cumulative Release 4

We tested the feature and it works like a charm, but…​

  • Everybody who gets this link, can download the shared file (and share the link with others)

  • Even in restricted communities everybody with editor access can create the link

  • The users are not added to the readers field (like mentioned here)

cnx files sharing
Figure 1. Sharing after downloading with 2 users
  • You don’t see in About > Views who or that anybody downloaded the file

cnx files about
Figure 2. About after downloading with 2 users

So you don’t know if, who or how many users have downloaded your shared file.

On the screenshot you see my testldap user, I tested with this one too, but he has the admin role of all applications, so he can see the file directly in the viewer and he appears in the Viewer list. A user with default access right does not see the Docs Viewer, they only have the option to download the file.

In my eyes that’s nothing I want to have active in my environments. To deactive this feature, go to Gatekeeper (you need to have the admin role in the application Common) and change FILES_ENABLE_FILE_SHARE_WITH_LINK to FALSE.


No reboot needed, after a refresh the option for sharing with link has disappeared.

Shared file links generate a "Page Not Found" error message after disabling the feature. If you reenable it, old sharing links are working again.

cnx filenotfound

Changes with Gatekeeper can be tested on the fly. So no reboots or restarts needed. Just try it.