Attending Admincamp 2018

by Christoph Stoettner
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This week starts with Admincamp in Gelsenkirchen. Thanks Rudi Knegt and team for this awesome event! The conference or lets name it camp was real fun. In the end I did three sessions and a workshop. You can find download links to all slides and used files in this article or on I learned and heared a lot of interesting stuff around IBM Notes, IBM Connections and Sametime. You can get most of the session slides through the Admincamp agenda.

Save the date! Next will take place from 25. to 27. March 2019 here in Gelsenkirchen.

Here can you find my session slides (all talks were held in english), but maybe you can run them through deepl or Google Translate.

Like most of my documentation, these slidedecks are written with using the reveal.js backend. Main advantage is the possiblity to put the content into a version control system like git. So the slides are delivered in HTML and later converted with DeckTape to pdf.

Link goes to the reveal.js html file. Best viewed in fullscreen of your browser (F11). Additionally I added the PDF download file.

During Admincamp I did a workshop about Docker too. To get all basics for this workshop, you should have a look into the Session slides of the Docker 101 session. I used a Jupyter Notebook to show all commands. If you wanna run the dynamic parts, you need to install jupyter and the bash kernel for it. But you will learn more, if you type the commands to a console instead. As promised I uploaded all used files and the workbook in Jupyter and html format to Gitlab.

All files which are used in the workbook (Dockerfiles, Js, html) are all available in the repository. Please download as zip, or clone it with git.

To do all the practical stuff, you can download a live linux e.g. at and install Docker, or you install Docker native on your Windows, Mac or Linux Host. The installation procedure is documented on

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