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by Christoph Stoettner
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During my talk at FrOSCon I wasn’t sure how to install Asciidoctor on Windows. So I tried on a Windows 10 VM.

When you want to use Asciidoctor on a Windows desktop, you need to download the Rubyinstaller and install it.

Now you can open a administrative command window and install with gem install asciidoctor.

Let’s test with an easy document:

= Test Asciidoctor on Windows
:icons: font

== Admonition

NOTE: Will this work?

TIP: Convert with `asciidoctor test.adoc`
windows adoc


I had a typo in the conversion command, you can still see it in the screenshot. Sorry about that. You need to convert the source with asciidoctor test.adoc not .html!

To get the easy install into the documentation, I created a pull request at Github.

Christoph Stoettner
Wednesday, 24. Nov 2021 10:13

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