IBM Connections 5.5 install Ephox Editors

· by Christoph Stoettner · Read in about 1 min · (199 words)

Several people told me that installing the Editors is not described very well in the IBM Connections documentation. So i decided to write down the steps I used to deploy the editors. Hope it helps.

  • Extract

    • edit config/config.js

      • editor: ' | EditLive | CKEditor | role-based'

        This sets the default editor. When you use role-based you can enable and EditLive for different user groups.

        Be aware that editlive needs a Java plugin which is mostly deactivated or outdated in actual browsers.

      • Enable Spelling-Servie URL (you need to deploy tbioServices_c5.ear):

        spellingServiceUrl: "https://connections-host/ephox-spelling"

        You have to set to https, that spell-checking works with http and https access to Connections.

        If you have selected role-based, you must deploy the EphoxEditorsForConnections.ear

      • When you want to use the builtin spellchecking, you need to install services/tbioServices_c5.ear

    • Start ./ or install.exe

      • ./ root@webspherehost <customization-dir> <webressources-dir>

        You need to type the root password 3 times, because installation uses seperate ssh calls for the installation

  • Create /opt/ephox/application.conf

    (WINDOWS: WAS_INSTALLATION_DRIVE:\opt\ephox\application.conf)

ephox {
     allowed-origins {
       origins = [
       url = "https://connections-55.panastoeps.local/ephox-allowed-origins/cors"